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People Operations as a Profit Center

In week 1 of Elevate, Hireology will share trends and best practices heard across the Retail Auto Industry and discuss how you can make your people operations strategy the center of your competitive advantage, especially in today’s world.

Adam Robinson - Hireology works with 1 in 4 dealerships Nationwide. Adam Robinson will share trends that Hireology is seeing in the job market and the impact that will have on the future of Retail Automotive.

Panel led by Jason Stein - President and Publisher of Automotive News Jason Stein will lead a panel discussion with industry leaders on how dealers have responded to and been successful in light of the market shifts in 2020.

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Digital Transformation in Buying and People Management

In week 2 of Elevate, we’ll address how 2020 has expedited the digital transformation of how consumers and job seekers find their dealership of choice.

Covid-19 has forced some of the eventual change that is coming in Retail Automotive to take hold quicker - such as how we leverage technology in the buying process and how we staff and support that staff in that buying process.

This panel will be focused on what we are seeing as far as the makeup of dealership staffing models and how can owner/operators can better support their teams to be productive and successful in this new world.

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The New Applicant Economy: Connecting with Applicants in Today’s Challenging Climate

To close out our Elevate series, Hireology will give you a glimpse into fresh data on what today’s employee is looking for and how you can attract and engage that talent.

Michelle Harrow - The future of Retail Automotive and how it shapes the customer experience is uncertain. Hear from Michelle how she helped Apple change their retail experience to account for the digital transformation of online shopping.

Facebook - The job market and motivators of today’s applicant have changed overnight. The traditional ways in which we reach those potential team members has to shift with it. Learn how new channels - such as Facebook - can help you Build Your Best Team.

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